Venture Capital in Egypt: A Booming Ecosystem for Startups

Nama Ventures Venture Capital Egypt

Egypt’s burgeoning tech scene has become a hotbed for venture capital investments, with both local and foreign investors flocking to the region to support innovative startups. The country’s vast population of 100 million, 80% of whom are under 40, provides a vast market for companies to target, making it an attractive destination for investors looking […]

SAFE Notes: Uses, Advantages, and its Significance to Startup

SAFE YC Nama Ventures Y Combinator Simple Agreement For Future Equity

Raising a capital for startups is hard work any business ventures know of. A lot of options are being offered in the market but not everyone is given the opportunity. One of these options is the Simple Agreement for Future Equity or is popularly known as “SAFEs” in the startup world. SAFE note was created […]

Startup Accounting Best Practices

Startup Accounting Nama Ventures

* * * EVERY START-UP IS SPECIAL * * * The success story of a business is effectively retold by its financial statements. It shows how well the company is performing and its industry standing compared to its competitors. Proper accounting and bookkeeping will help the start-up monitor and ensure that the business has the […]

We Just Turned 2!

Nama Ventures Turns 2

Last week marked our second year anniversary of our First Close at Nama Ventures. In VC talk, it means it’s been 2 years since we “opened our doors for business to fund startups “ . I can’t believe it’s been 2 years ! 🙈 time sure flies! But as the saying goes, time flies if […]

STC’s InspireU Signs MOU with Nama Ventures

STC InspireU Nama Ventures Ventures Capital

STC Group announced at the Global Entrepreneurship Conference that it had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nama Ventures  It is a venture capital fund specialized in investing in emerging technology companies. This partnership comes to enhance joint cooperation in serving the inspireU program incubators.

What does Nama Ventures look for in a Pitch Deck

Nama Ventures Pitch Deck

This post is about sharing with the entrepreneurial community what Nama Ventures looks for when reviewing an investment pitch by a startup.  Now every fund has their own way of evaluating a pitch, no fund is created equal, specially that funds differ greatly in their investment stage and thesis.      We happen to be a […]

What I learned in the last 2 years since moving to Riyadh

Almost two years ago, I set my sights on moving to Saudi Arabia, in particular to Riyadh.  At the time, I felt that the regional entrepreneurial center of gravity had shifted to the Kingdom and I felt it would be a great opportunity to be part of this new shift.  I launched Nama Ventures, a […]

What we don’t know about Silicon Valley: the real reasons behind its success – A personal perspective

Lend A Helping Hand Nama Ventures

I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while now. Actually since 2010, which was a year after I moved from Silicon Valley to Dubai. Even 9 years later, the thoughts I had back then are still relevant today. I will share with you my personal perspective on ethics, and what makes entrepreneurship thrive […]

The 3rd Arab Tech Revolution

3rd Arab Tech revolution Nama Ventures Venture Capital

The first Arab tech revolution happened when Yahoo acquired Maktoob in 2009. The event was pivotal in driving a whole generation of entrepreneurs, primarily in Jordan, but also in the Levant & Egypt. Pre-2008 tech in the Arab world was predominantly dominated by value added resellers and integrators. I was at the time in Silicon […]