PIESHIP closes an investment round by Nama Ventures & SEEDRA Ventures & and other Angel investors

Nama Ventures Venture Capital PieShip

A Saudi-based company, PIESHIP, has closed an undisclosed pre-seed investment round by SEEDRA Ventures, Nama Ventures, and angel investors. PIESHIP was founded in 2023 by Nasser Alharthi, Musaed Al-Amri, and Mohammed Mohsen. The company specializes in warehouse management solutions, an application for delivering shipments, and technical solutions for logistics services. PIESHIP joined the MVPlab initiative […]

Saudi Arabia’s Transformation: 18 Megaprojects Shaping the Kingdom’s Future

Nama Venture Venture Capital

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is undergoing a remarkable transformation driven by 18 ambitious megaprojects and a burgeoning venture capital (VC) scene. These forces are intertwined, shaping the nation’s future as it seeks to diversify its economy and reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons. 1. Neom: A futuristic $500 billion giga-project powered by clean energy, aiming […]

Rize closes a Seed investment round worth 2.9 million dollars

Nama Venture Venture Capital Rize Founders

In affirmation of its pioneering and innovative vision, Rize has announced the closure of its seed round raising $2.9 million. Concurrently, the company has raised additional funds through debt to bolster its investments in the real estate sector. The round witnessed participation from the investment VCs including Seedra Ventures, Hala Ventures, JOA Capital, RZM Investments, […]

Why Investors Should Invest in the Venture Capital Asset Class (and Why Nama Ventures Stands Out)

Nama Ventures VC Finance Accounting

Venture capital (VC) investing might seem like a gamble, but within the intricate game of finance, it holds a winning hand. Beyond the thrill of backing revolutionary ideas, investing in VC funds like Nama Ventures unlocks a diverse array of benefits for investors, both financial and societal. Let’s explore these compelling reasons why VC should […]

The 3 Most Important Matters in Accounting that Tech Startups Need to Understand

Nama Ventures Accounting

It’s no secret that the world of technology startups moves fast. But amidst the whirlwind of innovation and rapid growth, it’s crucial not to neglect the foundational aspects of your business –  one of which is accounting. While the numbers might not seem as exciting as your groundbreaking product, a solid grasp of key accounting […]

iStoria Successfully Closes a 5 Million Saudi Riyal Seed Investment Round

Nama Ventures VC Seed Round

iStoria, a specialized application for teaching the English language, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its Seed investment round, securing a total of 5 million Saudi riyals in funding. This milestone was achieved with the support and participation of notable investors including Nama Ventures، Classera, Flat6Labs, BIM Ventures, and several prominent angel investors. […]

Saudi Arabia: A Fertile Ground for Tech Innovation

Saudi Arabia Nama Ventures

The Saudi Arabian startup ecosystem is experiencing a period of rapid growth, fueled by a surge in government support, a vibrant tech market, and a blossoming pool of talented entrepreneurs. At the heart of this burgeoning renaissance lies Nama Ventures, a premier venture capital firm dedicated to nurturing and propelling tech innovation within the Kingdom. […]

Cargoz raises undisclosed Seed round, led by Nama Ventures and other major Saudi investors

Nama Ventures Venture Capital Funding Bridge Round

January 2nd, Dubai, UAE. Cargoz is a logistics startup that connects SMEs looking for warehousing space with warehousing companies who have extra capacity, its similar to AirBnb but for commercial storage & warehousing, has secured Seed funding lead by  Nama Ventures with participation of RAZ Holding, Innovest Properties, and key Saudi Family Offices & Angels […]

Tech, Adoption, and Monetization: TAM for Startups

Nama Venture VC Markets TAM

In the exciting world of startups, it’s crucial to understand the potential your venture holds in the market. A critical tool to gauge this potential is Total Addressable Market (TAM). This article will provide an overview of TAM, its importance to startups, and how to calculate it. What is Total Addressable Market (TAM)? Total Addressable […]

Ideal Tech Startups Chart of Accounts

Nama Ventures VC Accounting

Introduction A chart of accounts is a list of all the accounts that a company uses to record its financial transactions. It is an essential tool for tracking income and expenses, and for generating financial reports. The ideal chart of accounts for a tech startup will vary depending on the specific business model and industry. […]