Venture Capital and Startups in the MENA Region

MENA Venture Capital Nama Ventures

A startup is a company that is in its early stages of operation with a unique business idea, a product or a service, and aims to grow rapidly. In order to achieve growth, startups need funding. This is where venture capital comes in. Venture capital is a type of private equity investment that provides capital […]

The Venture Capital Industry In Saudi Arabia ( KSA )

Venture Capital in Saudi Arabia

Venture capital is a form of financing that provides capital to early-stage, potentially high-growth companies in exchange for an equity stake in the business. Unlike other forms of capital, venture capital is not always in monetary form, these organizations provide resources, networking opportunities, and other expert support to entrepreneurs and startups in the country. Venture […]

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping? An iterative method for the design phase of an app or website is called rapid prototyping. Using frequently updated prototypes and numerous brief cycles, the goal is to swiftly enhance the design and its functionality. By resolving typical design difficulties prior to the start of product development, this speeds up the […]

SAFE Notes: Uses, Advantages, and its Significance to Startup

SAFE YC Nama Ventures Y Combinator Simple Agreement For Future Equity

Raising a capital for startups is hard work any business ventures know of. A lot of options are being offered in the market but not everyone is given the opportunity. One of these options is the Simple Agreement for Future Equity or is popularly known as “SAFEs” in the startup world. SAFE note was created […]

Muqbis, the Egyptian Online Marketplace For Handicrafts Raises Pre-seed Funding by Nama Ventures

Muqbis Nama Ventures Venture Capital

Muqbis; the full-fledged Marketplace that is created by Tech Nerds to connect the full circuit for “Handicrafts Talented Hands” in MEA, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round by ​Nama Ventures​. Muqbis was launched in 2021 by Iman El Wasifi, Mohamed Nasser and Kareem Hussein; The Co Founders have […]

Startup Accounting Best Practices

Startup Accounting Nama Ventures

* * * EVERY START-UP IS SPECIAL * * * The success story of a business is effectively retold by its financial statements. It shows how well the company is performing and its industry standing compared to its competitors. Proper accounting and bookkeeping will help the start-up monitor and ensure that the business has the […]

FinTech Duplo raises $4.3M SEED with participation from Nama Ventures

B2B payment platform Duplo has raised $4.3M in a SEED funding saw participation from Liquid2 Ventures, Soma Capital, Tribe Capital, Commerce Ventures, Basecamp Fund, Nama Ventures, Y Combinator, and returning investor Oui Capital. Launched in 2021 by Yele Oyekola and Tunde Akinnuwa, Duplo is aimed at helping FMCG distributors and finance teams of midsize and enterprise businesses to digitize and simplify the way money moves […]

Cargoz , A UAE Logistics Startup Secures Pre-seed Funding by Nama Ventures

Nama Ventures Cargoz Team Photo

August 23rd, Dubai, UAE. Cargoz is a logistics startup that connects SMEs looking forwarehousing space with warehousing companies who has extra capacity, like Airbnbbut for commercial warehousing & storage, has secured a pre-seed funding by Nama Ventures. After Covid, the SMEs who had to suffer the most, no longer want to get into any yearlyleasing […]

Faceki announces a Seed funding round led by Nama Ventures

FACEKI, the award-winning fraud protection and identity verification platform, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round led by ​Nama Ventures​, with participation from Vision Ventures, and other prominent Angel Investors. FACEKI was founded in March 2020 by Hamza Al-Ghatam, Dr. Mustafa Marhama, and Nabeel Radhi. The Bahrain-based fraud protection platform […]

We Just Turned 2!

Nama Ventures Turns 2

Last week marked our second year anniversary of our First Close at Nama Ventures. In VC talk, it means it’s been 2 years since we “opened our doors for business to fund startups “ . I can’t believe it’s been 2 years ! 🙈 time sure flies! But as the saying goes, time flies if […]