SOAJS Collaborates with Nama Ventures to help MENA Startups

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26 August, Boston, USA.  SOAJS, a US based open source microservices management platform, that is currently empowering Acumos AI (an LFAI project with key members including AT&T, Tech Mahindra, Ericson, Huwawei, Baidu, IBM, Tencent and ZTE) has signed a partnership agreement with Nama Ventures, a tech based early stage venture capital fund focused on MENA, to provide and empower Nama’s portfolio companies.  

SOAJS platform will help the portfolio companies to eliminates the IT plumbing challenges, so companies can adopt and deploy microservices significantly earlier and faster, by taking advantage of its Multi Environment Marketplace, Smart Deployment, Multi Tenant Authentication and Authorization Gateway, as well as Middleware and Framework.

Antoine Hage, Founder of SOAJS “ We are thrilled to partner with Nama venture and bring our platform to the MENA region. I’ve known Mohammed for more than 10 years, all the way when he was a board member of one of the startups I was involved in. I’ve always been keen on supporting him in his efforts to fuel tech innovation in the MENA region.  We believe that SOAJS can be a catalyst for startups to rapidly deploy their microservers and focus on their core business.  We look forward to engaging with Nama Ventures’ portfolio companies and supporting them with our technology“

Mohammed Alzubi, General Partner at Nama Ventures “ Antoine is no stranger to Nama Ventures, he’s one of key technical advisors and has been already helping MENA based startups. Recently, we partnered with SOAJS to empower, a site to find technical co founders of startups,  where we saw the power of the technology first hand, what was supposed to take months was done in days with SOAJS.  That realization struck the interest of partnering with SOAJS to expose this technology to all our portfolio companies.  We see it as a no brainer for startups to basically automate the rollout of 80% of non code backend code, which makes it a win win scenario for all parties”

SOAJS: simplifies and accelerates the adoption of microservices architecture by eliminating proliferation pain. The SOAJS platform empowers organizations to create and operate a microservices architecture capable of supporting any framework while providing API productization, multi-tenancy, multi-layer security, cataloging, awareness, and adaptable to existing source code; to automatically catalog and release software components with multi-tenant, multi-version and multi-platform capabilities. SOAJS integrates and orchestrates multiple infrastructures and technologies in a simplistic and secured approach while accelerating the release cycle with custom continuous integration & a smart continuous delivery pipeline. The SOAJS platform is capable of creating and managing custom environments per product, per department, per team, per resource, and per technology in a simplistic approach empowering every member of the organization.

Nama Ventures: is an early stage venture capital fund focused on fueling tech innovation in MENA.  We pride ourselves on being technology founders funding technology founders.  WE believe our technical knowledge, entrepreneurial journey, and our investment track record is a testament to the value add we bring to seed stage technology investing.  We look forward to partnering with amazing MENA startups on their next tech entrepreneurial journey.

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Mohammed is the Managing Partner of Nama Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on fueling MENA tech innovation, particularly in KSA. Mohammed can be reached on twitter @mzu3bi

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