Silicon Valley based closes a Pre-Seed round by Nama Ventures

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June 2022, San Francisco ., containers for development, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round by Nama Ventures. gives developers consistent development environments for each of their projects, similar to Docker but for development. With one command, have a ready dev environment with everything installed for any project, indistinguishable from your local environment, while still getting to keep any favorite tools and existing workflows. was founded by 3 YC alums, Alecsander Fong (CTO), Ali Ahmed (COO) and Nader Khalil (CEO), building on their previous experience at Azure infrastructure and Workday dev tools.


“In 2022, and the most frustrating part of development is still messing with dev environments. But while every engineer at every company is individually solving this problem, the work isn’t unique. If someone makes a dev environment, they should be able to share it with anyone else”


 “One of the problems that I used to face when I used to code 100% of the time was that my code worked beautifully on my local machine, but when I’d push my work to a QA or Production environment, it never worked!” said Mohammed Alzubi, founder and managing partner at Nama Ventures, “ Brev allows development teams to transform local environments from “pets” to “cattle” , any developer should be able to have their stuff just work whether working on their dev, QA or Production environments “


Mohammed Added, “ what I love the most about the Brev story is how the founders , from their YC startup, and that’s how I actually met Nader, stumbled on a bigger problem from their own personal pains, decided to pivot from their startup to build Brev, that‘s the definition of gaining insight along the journey, to find out what you really want to build” , “ we can’t be more proud at Nama to be backing 3 founders with deep experience in this space solving what developers really need, and most importantly gaining a friend in Nader along this exciting journey. “


Mohammed Alzubi

Mohammed Alzubi

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Mohammed is the Managing Partner of Nama Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on fueling MENA tech innovation, particularly in KSA. Mohammed can be reached on twitter @mzu3bi

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