Nama Ventures invests in Digital Biometrics Platform FACEKI

FACEKI Nama Ventures

3 October, BAHRAIN. FACEKI, an award-winning digital biometrics platform that simplifies users’ journey and fights fraud, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round by Nama Ventures.


The push for digitization has led to an unprecedented level of identity theft and account

takeovers. FACEKI Biometric Facial Recognition and Identity Verification platform help organizations verify and onboard their users, especially in terms of fighting fraud. FACEKI

certified anti-spoofing solutions help organizations make sure that the users at the other side of the screen are really whom they claim to be. 


FACEKI was founded in March 2020 by Hamza Al-Ghatam, Dr Mustafa Marhama and NabeelRadhi, combining their vast experience and knowledge in Security, Cybercrime, AI, and Marketing to create next-generation cloud biometrics and verification technology. FACEKI’s focus on innovation has led them to win numerous awards in 2021, including the gold award as The Most Innovative Technology Startup in MENA. As well as winning The Best Facial Recognition Authentication Platform in the Middle East.


“We aspire to provide a more convenient and frictionless verification solution to help make customer onboarding experience simple, safe and more secure.” Said Hamza Al-Ghatam, Co-founder and CEO of FACEKI. “We are delighted to have Nama Ventures as an investor and a partner, with the aim to help us expand our team, accelerate technology innovation, and reach new markets globally.”


“It is no secret that identity management and theft has become a paramount problem in our societies today. We were always looking to find a technology startup in MENA that is addressing this challenge head on” said Mohammed Alzubi, founder and managing partner of Nama Ventures. “When we met the FACEKI team, we were truly blown by how complementary the skillsets of the team are to address this issue. We have no doubt that Hamza, Mustafa, Nabeel, and the awesome team of FACEKI will do wonders in the identity management and security

space in MENA”.

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