Jafarshop closes an Investment Round (Pre-Seed) by Nama Ventures

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Jafarshop, the largest home improvement, DIY, and gardening platform in Jordan, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed funding round by Nama Ventures.

It is not easy to find answers related to home improvement and home maintenance in the region. Customers are looking for expert help and best practices to help them tackle their DIY projects and home maintenance. Jafarshop made it easy to improve your home & garden by keeping it constantly upgraded and maintained through thousands of products to be delivered to your doorstep, hundreds of articles and videos in the Arabic language, a team of experts always available to answer your questions and provide you with the advice.

Jafarshop was founded in Jan. 2017 by Mohammad Bata, Khaled Abdo, and Samer Bata, three Jordanian entrepreneurs who have dedicated their experience to build a platform that can help house owners, professional technicians, and DIYers to find all that they need in one place, Mohammad is very familiar with the tools & Hardware industry, and how it works in the MENA region, Also Samer has a wide experience in importing and exporting the home improvement products, Khaled has more than twelve years of experience in managing products and in technology.

“Before establishing Jafarshop, we noticed that the home improvement industry is not served adequately in our region,” said Mohammad Bata, Co-founder and CEO of Jafarshop.  “We always wanted to encourage DIY projects, and deliver to the users the idea of DIY and home maintenance through articles and videos besides a wide range of products with a full description to show them that it is easy for every house owner to handle this, but all you need is a knowledge and advice, our ambition is to help the Arab user to be familiar more with the home improvement and DIY, we started in Jordan, expanded into Egypt and will continue to cover all the region.”

“Jafarshop for us is a milestone; it marks our first native Jordanian startup that Nama Ventures makes” Said Mohammed Alzubi, Founder and Managing Partner of Nama Ventures. “Jafarshop is not a typical investment for us in the sense that the founding team has been at it for a while, they already have traction and have been actually selling in two marketing , Jordan and Egypt, and we are mainly a pre-seed post product pre revenue focused fund, but they also have never raised institutional capital before and we are beyond honored for that amazing team to have selected Nama Ventures as their funding partner” , Mohammed added, ” we can say enough about this strong team, the seller in the team literally grew up in the business , and the technical co-founder has had numerous tech roles in startups , and their operator in the team comes with great insights in logistics and fulfillment , so it was a no brainer for us to make a bet on this amazing team.”


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