Video-recruitment platform JobPixel raises undisclosed Seed funding from Nama Ventures

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JobPixel, the video-first hiring platform that is changing the way companies hire forever, announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round from Nama Ventures.

As hiring becomes increasingly challenging and time consuming, JobPixel’s video hiring platform is helping companies reduce their time to hire and improve their ability to find the best-fit, highest-intent candidates. With JobPixel, companies create video job descriptions to engage candidates who then respond with their own video introductions telling hiring managers why they would be the perfect fit for the position. JobPixel is already delivering significant results for customers like Ashley Homestores, Weight Watchers, and Telus International.

JobPixel was founded in May 2020 by Omar Khateeb and Anthony Duerr. Omar, CEO, brings a unique perspective to the tech startup community after immigrating to the US for college and founding his first company before age 25. He is an expert in crafting highly effective sales strategies and implementing product tactics that generate significant virality and growth. Anthony, CTO, has worked for some of the most notable names in tech including Zynga, Linkedin (who acquired his previous company in 2014), and Lyft. During his 15+ year career, Anthony has played an integral role in building and leading highly proficient engineering teams. His passion for architecting infinitely scalable yet simplistic and practical platforms is evident in what he’s built at JobPixel.

“At JobPixel, our design philosophy is deeply rooted in simplicity and accessibility. We have built a powerful, yet intuitive and easy to use platform that works on any device and is flexible enough to fit into any hiring process,” said Anthony. “JobPixel gives candidates the opportunity to truly shine; to tell employers in their own words, why they would be the perfect fit for the job. Our goal is to return hiring to its roots, when the process was based on direct engagement. We believe the path to humanizing hiring is video.”

“At Nama Ventures, we take great pride in backing Arab and Arab Americans driving disrupting startups in Silicon Valley, and Omar is one perfect example”, Said Mohammed Alzubi, Founder and Managing Partner at Nama Ventures. “ I’m one of the founders of Tech Wadi, an organization to support Arab and Arab American in Silicon Valley and have witnessed firsthand the impact our community has had there.  Its always an honor and a privilege to back Omar and his co founder Anthony in transforming the hiring market.  We see a great need for Job Pixel’s technology in MENA, especially for the exponential growth we are seeing for local talent in blue collar jobs.  We really look forward to opening the MENA market, and the Saudi one in particular and we are beyond excited to have them join our amazing Nama family and we look forward to back great founders of our community like Omar”

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