What to include in the Pitch Deck

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A pitch deck is a presentation that startup founders use to pitch their startup to an investor, either angel investor or a VC fund. The main purpose of the pitch deck is to grab the investor’s attention to your startup and let them feel they want to meet with you and know more about your startup. A pitch deck is not a company profile.


This topic has been discussed many times over the years. Because of its importance, I decided to write about it again. The pitch deck is normally the first medium of communication between a startup and investors. So it is very important for startup founders to take their time when they write the pitch deck. Keep in mind that you need to make sure that you attract the investor to your pitch deck because investors look at hundreds of pitch decks every month.


In this article we will highlight the main topics to be covered in any pitch deck. These topics are the ones that we need to see at Nama Ventures. Every investor is different and some may want to see more topics in the pitch deck. 


It is recommend to have a separate slide for each of the following topics:


1- Problem 

In the problem slide, you talk about the problem or the pain that your startup is solving/going to solve. Make sure you clearly describe the problem. Highlight if it is a real problem. Is it a nice to solve problem or important to solve problem? 


2- Solution

In the solution slide, you discuss how your startup is going to solve the problem. You may describe the solution you’re offering via describing your product / service. 


3- Team

In the team slide, you need to name the founding team and their past experience. Why is this team the best team to solve this problem? You need to highlight role clarity within the team i.e. who is doing what. If applicable, you need to list advisors and key employees. Some investors want to see the current Cap Table (who owns how much in the company). In Nama Ventures, we want to see a founding team that has a complementary skill set and a technical co-founder is amongst the team. 


4- Market

In the market slide, you need to define your customer. You also need to highlight the Total Available/addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Available Market (SAM). Investors want to invest in companies that have big TAM/SAM.  


5- Competitors 

You need to talk about your competitors, local and global. investors expect that founders have done their homework and identified the competition landscape. It will not look good if you mention that there are no competitors and the investor already knows some. You need to highlight your competitive advantage. The best format for the competitors slide is a table where you list the global, regional and local competitors as the column, and the features as the rows. You need to illustrate how your company is better and in what aspect. 


6- Business Model

The business model slide is very important because in it you will show how you will make money. You need to list all revenue streams. Will your revenue come from sales, commission, ads, subscription etc. You need to talk about pricing, sales and distribution channels, key customers, unit economics, etc..


7- Financial

In this slide, you will talk about Profit and Loss statements. You also need to include detailed cost breakdown for the next 12 months. Note that some early stage investors will not look at these numbers. 


8- Ask

In this slide you will talk about what you’re looking to raise (and how much is already committed), and what are you willing to give for it in i.e. what percentage of your startup you are willing to give to investors for the money you will take? It is also important to mention what you are going to do with the money i.e. salaries, marketing, IT, new hires etc. 

Sometimes it is good to show if the current round is your first round of investment or you raised in previous rounds. 


Finally, it is important to know that some investors will prefer to see more/different information in the pitch deck. But as a general rule, try to make your pitch deck as simple/rich/attractive as possible. 


Once you finish writing up the pitch deck we will be more than happy to look at it at Nama Ventures. If your startup is in the pre-seed or seed stage and is based in MENA or Silicon Valley please use this link to submit it to us: https://www.namaventures.com/submit/

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