Welcome to Nama Values!

Initiated by our co-founder, Mohammed Alzubi, Nama Values is a collection of projects devoted to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in MENA.

Nama Ventures believe that if you don’t give to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, you don’t get back in return. Hence why we launched Nama Values

To pursue these goals, Nama identified pains and gaps and below are project that attempt to address these gaps.


The idea behind IMATECO, which stands for I’m a technical co-founder, came from seeing a very big pain over and over again when reviewing MENA based technology startups. A good percentage of these startups are founded by solo founders, and they are typically not technical.

As we all know best startups are made up of a complementary team of a “seller” and a “doer”, by doer we mean a CTO. This is where the idea behind IMATECO was born.


The idea behind FkraTech came from demystifying sharing ideas among the entrepreneurial ecosystem in MENA. It’s never about the idea, but about the execution of these ideas, so we want to encourage people to share and solicit feedback on their ideas.

Riyadh Tech Nights:

Riyadh Tech Nights is a gathering of technology enthusiasts, we meet in a super casual setting on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to talk about technology and ways to fuel entrepreneurship and innovation in our part of the world.