Faisal Alnaji joins Nama Ventures as a Fund Analyst

Faisal Alnaji Nama Ventures

We are excited to announce that Faisal Alnaji has joined our team as a Venture Capital Analyst at Nama Ventures.

Faisal has a proven track record of success in the area of equity crowdfunding, where he has helped to raise over SAR 40 million for more than 10 startups, which have achieved an estimated value of over SAR 100 million.

Faisal is a highly experienced and skilled financial analyst with a deep understanding of the venture capital ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. He is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs raise capital and grow their businesses.

We are confident that Faisal will be a valuable asset to our team and look forward to seeing his accomplishments.

Mohammed Alzubi

Mohammed Alzubi

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Mohammed is the Managing Partner of Nama Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on fueling MENA tech innovation, particularly in KSA. Mohammed can be reached on twitter @mzu3bi

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