Abdullah Alaraj

Abdullah Alaraj​

Managing Partner

Abdullah Alaraj is an academic and active Angel investor. He holds BSc degree (in Computer Science) from King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), MSc (in Internet and Distributed Systems) and PhD (in e-commerce Security) from Durham University, UK.

Alaraj has led different positions in Qassim University from 2008 till 2018. These positions include head of Computer Science department, Vice Dean of College of Computer, Vice Dean of Information technology Deanship. He was also the Dean of the College of Computer in a private university for five years.

Alaraj has co-founded two technology startups. Alaraj is an active Angel investor in early stage start-ups; pre-seed and seed stages.
His portfolio has more than 20 investments in Fintech, Blockchain, LegalTech, EdTech, AI/ML, Food/Beverages, Logistics, SaaS and cybersecurity.

His portfolio companies are based in the USA, the UK and Saudi Arabia, India and LATAM

Alaraj is a member of the United Kingdom Business Angel Association (UKBAA). He is the co-founder and Chairman of Board of Riyadh Angel Investors, an angel network based in the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Alaraj is a member of more than 20 angel syndicates/groups in the US and UK.


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