Abdullah Alaraj Joins Nama Ventures

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Abdullah Alaraj

Nama Ventures is pleased to announce the joining of Abdullah Alaraj as a Managing Partner. Abdullah has tremendous experience in the angel investing space where he invested in more that 20 startups in the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia.

Abdullah is the co-founder and chairman of board of Riyadh Angels, a Saudi-based angel network. 

Abdullah’s joining brings the total number of individual investments to more than 60, and cumulative experience of more than 44 years working and technology and technology investing space. 

Nama Ventures is a pre-seed / seed stage venture capital fund focused on fueling innovation in the MENA region, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

We also opportunistically invest in technology startups in both the USA and UK where we enjoy great relationships and proprietary access to deal flow. 

Nama Ventures prides itself on being an investment fund committed to nurturing ideas that guide founders to create exceptional companies.

Nama Ventures is built upon the fundamental idea of enabling entrepreneurs to succeed. And as founders of Nama, we are thrilled to finally have the platform to implement this idea. Our hope is that entrepreneurs willing to partner with us will see and feel our value-add approach to investing.

To learn more about Abdullah and Nama Ventures please visit our website: https://www.namaventures.com/ 

Mohammed Alzubi

Mohammed Alzubi

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Mohammed is the Managing Partner of Nama Ventures, a seed stage fund focused on fueling MENA tech innovation, particularly in KSA. Mohammed can be reached on twitter @mzu3bi

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